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Statistics show that close to 1 million people - children and grown-ups - live in single parent families in Hungary, a country of 10 million people.

The Single Parent Families' Foundation was founded in 2005 to help families living with one parent and promote these families' case.  Approximately 660 thousand kids are raised in these families. 45% of the single parent families live in difficult financial and material circumstances, they are considered as poor. These families have such a heavy handicap in their life which is very difficult to overcome only from their own strength.

The essence of the establishment of the Single Parent Families' Foundation was to provide several types of help to these families in their everyday life. One of the most important service of the Foundation is to provide various advice in the field of law, finance, workplace search, child raising, psychology etc. via an internet portal. The portal gives space to different opinions and viewpoints. The Foundation manages different cultural and leisure events and arrange charity activities (collecting food, cloths, school material) for those who are in need. We organize summer camps for kids together with another Foundation. We also organize conferences to initiate social discourse and to change the negative attitude towards single parent families. We also put emphasis to establish international contacts with similar organizations.

If you are the representative of a single parent family organisation from other countries, you look for relations in Hungary or you are simply interested in facts, statistics or research in the topic of single parent families, please feel free to contact us here:


COFACE Newsroom | Online magazine for single parents launched by Single Parent Families Foundation, Hungary

"An innovative magazine for single parents has been launched in Hungary. The portal was created by the Single Parent Families Foundation and is available since 30 June..."
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