Outstanding parents have been awarded again this year

The winners of the Outstanding Parent Award 2023 have been revealed. A competition has been announced already for the fourth time for single parents who set an example in everyday life. The prize was awarded in the House of the Hungarian Millennium, where the fifth birthday of the Single Parents’ Centre was also celebrated together with the event.

The Outstanding Parent Award founded by the Single Parents’ Centre recognizes the tireless work every year which single parents do in the place of two parents. Anyone could again recommend a person to be awarded. Parents or grandparents who bring up children on their own could be nominated. Several hundred inspiring and moving stories were submitted following the call for applications and the Outstanding Parents of 2023 were selected from these by public vote.

“Single parenthood is not a question of values, it does not depend either on our world view, faith or gender,” Anna Nagy said in her welcoming speech. In her presentation the head of the Single Parents’ Centre emphasised that parents in these families had to do the same as all other parents – they would like to meet demands in the same way in all fields of life. In the game of life named family they can rely only on themselves, and this difference that seems small is enormous and transforms their lives. Anna Nagy stated: “We are celebrating these outstanding parents today. We celebrate the prize-winners and all the parents who are equal to the challenge in an outstanding manner.”

Ágnes Hornung, Secretary of State for Families at the Ministry of Culture and Innovation, took part in the event and highlighted in her speech: “ … however life turns out, parents who take on the task of bringing up children, are owed the esteem and recognition of society.” She added: “Hungary’s Government strives continuously to make the situation of single parents easier.”

The jury awarded prizes in the following categories:

Outstanding Mother 2023: Eszter Hajnalka Diószeghy

Outstanding Father 2023: István Raffael

Outstanding Parent with innovative methods of upbringing 2023: Rita Vizhányó

Outstanding Grandparent 2023: Gabriella Kondász

The Special Prize of the National Association of Large Families was also awarded at the event:

Outstanding Parent with Large Family 2023: Katalin Fazekas