Significant decisions have been made in the interest of single parent families

Important changes in legislation help single parent families. Several regulations entered into force in 2022 which make the everyday life of single parent families easier to a large degree.

Nearly 25 per cent of children living in single parent families had not earlier received the maintenance which they were legally due. This situation was ended due to the fact that since January the rules of exacting child maintenance have become simpler and stricter.

In addition, another decision fundamentally determining everyday life was also made. The minimum of the provisions for orphans has more than doubled and it may involve a rise of even 25,000 forints per child per month.                                                                                         

Measures had also been made to ease the situation of single parent families earlier. Due to an amendment of the law in 2017, if a single parent with one or more children is working or wants to find employment they enjoy an advantage in having priority for their children to be admitted to a day nursery.