Starting afresh – housing project for single parent families

The Single Parents’ Centre has launched a housing project for single parents who are unable to move to a separate home using their own resources after they have remained on their own with their children. The Centre provides rent support of maximum gross 115,000 forints each month, which includes a two-month deposit and rental fee covering 2-6 months to start a new life.

Becoming a single parent not only involves emotional changes, everyday life also has to be rearranged at such times. On their own, a new home has often to be found for the children under strained financial conditions. There are single parents for whom resolving this situation is almost impossible, since they must rent accommodation from less income than before.

Approximately 25 per cent of single parents live with grandparents, and many stay with friends, acquaintances or family members because they themselves cannot provide separate accommodation for their families. Housing is an area where the Single Parents’ Centre has not previously been able to provide assistance. Hence it is a great step forward that the Centre can support single parents families who have not yet received any assistance for this purpose from anywhere.

Our new project includes support for 2-6 months’ rent up to a sum of gross 115,000 forints per month for families who find it difficult to cover the initial expenses of moving to rented accommodation.

In this way families in need have the opportunity to lead their everyday life under sound conditions and settle down financially during the period of support. The Centre’s aim is for them to stand on their own feet after the period of support and to cover the cost of accommodation from their own resources.