Supporting single parent families with the purchase of glasses

“The Single Parents’ Centre contributes to the purchase of glasses to the value of 60,000 forints per child for more than a hundred children living with single parents,” Anna Nagy, head of the Single Parents’ Centre, announced on the Family Day held in the Pest Centre, where free eye tests were available for children with the cooperation of Semmelweis University.

At the event Anna Nagy made an announcement that will greatly assist single parent families. “Parents and teachers often think that children do not understand a subject when in fact they cannot see the blackboard well,” she said. “We are very happy to be able to help more than a hundred children whose families would not be in a position to buy the prescribed glasses. It is especially important at this time, at the beginning of the school year, so that these children would not fall behind their peers.”

“It is worth children having eye tests once a year since the test is painless and it is the only way to recognize sight deterioration early,” said Dr. Péter Varga, Director of Medical Care at Semmelweis University. “It is a good idea to time the test for October because that has been designated Sight Month, when opticians offer free eye tests for both adults and children. If it turns out that glasses are needed, don’t hesitate to get them. Wearing the right glasses helps children to improve their performance at school, as well as be confident about actively participating in the school community.”

It is possible to apply for glasses within the project supported by the MOL New Europe Foundation until 20 December 2023. The allowance of a maximum gross 60,000 forints can be claimed for children’s frames and a pair of lenses prescribed by an ophthalmologist. Children between the ages of 0 and 14 years and young people in full-time secondary education can apply for the allowance.