The Single Parent’s Centre has helped more than ten thousand families in 2022

2022 presented a milestone in both the life of single parents and in the Single Parents’ Centre. On 1 January legal changes entered into force which support the everyday life of single parent families to a high degree. The Centre also had a successful previous year, since its services extended by providing help for more than 10,000 families and relaxation for thousands of single parents. In addition, families are now welcome in two locations with the opening of the Buda Single Parents’ Centre.

The rules of exacting child maintenance have become simpler and stricter since 1 January 2022. The change in legislation is especially important because earlier some 25 per cent of children living in single parents’ families did not receive maintenance, which they were legally due. In addition, the minimum of the provisions for orphans has more than doubled and it may mean a rise of even 25,000 forints per child per month.

2022 in numbers

2022 produced enlargement for the Single Parents’ Centre. Its second centre opened in Buda in March. Thus another, supporting communal space of nearly two hundred square metres was established for single parents and their children near the Southern Railway Station.

The Centre’s services were extended further and the number of single parent families it helped increased. In 2022 more than 10,000 families were provided with help, services or a community. A total of 3750 single parent families were given the opportunity to relax – so many families had a holiday with the help of the Centre in the course of the year. Some 150 children with single parents had childcare in Pest and Buda for 6 weeks throughout the summer. Donations in the value of 25,000,000 forints were delivered to single parent families so that the school year would start more easily. Twenty single parent families in Budapest and in the provinces were supported each in the value of 15,000 forints for the start of the school year.

Thanks to the Centre’s initiative “Angels do exist”, 150 children’s Christmas dreams were fulfilled. During the year we had 28 different programmes held on a total of 146 occasions. During the summer you could meet the Single Parents’ Centre in several locations all over Hungary, since we were present in Kapolcs, at the Bondoró Festival, in the Valley of the Arts, as well as the Ördögkatlan Festival. In September the first Festival of Single Parents’ Families was organised in cooperation with the Museum of Transport.

After the war broke out in Ukraine we personally took donations to families in need and we received Ukrainian refugee children in the Single Parents’ Centre in Buda in cooperation with the Hungarian Scout Association.

In 2022 the Single Parents’ Centre was awarded the Outstanding Consumer Brand and the Innovative Brand for the second time in the MagyarBrands programme.