The Single Parents’ Centre is a unique initiative even on the international scene

The Single Parents’ Centre has already provided assistance and a community for more than thirty thousand families. In the course of 5 years since it opened, it has eased and improved the everyday life of single parent families with more than 70 types of services and a high number of events. The scope of opportunities has continuously increased ever since, and single parents can already obtain the services of the Centre in two locations.

The Single Parents’ Centre is regarded as a pioneering initiative not only in Hungary, but also internationally, since there are only a few institutions which provide such a comprehensive service and broad support for single parents and their children. Since its opening, delegations from some 20 countries and international organisations have visited the Single Parents’ Centre to study how it works. In addition, Anna Nagy who is in charge of the Centre has represented the cause of single parent families in several organisations of the European Union and the UN, as well as at many international specialist conferences.

The Single Parents’ Centre is a communal space where single parent families can get a variety of practical help, in addition to the possibility for both parents and children to participate in regular events. The Centre provides an opportunity to attend group sessions held by various professionals, such as coaches, psychologists and trainers, and parents can obtain expert help with regard to legal and employment issues. In addition, families can participate in different communal projects, summer camps and holidays. After school, children are helped with their studies so that learning for them would not be a duty but an experience.

In Hungary more than half a million children are brought up by single parents and the number of their families reaches 300,000. Budapest’s Single Parents’ Centre opened in May 2018 to provide practical help and a community for these families. Since then the second Single Parents’ Centre has opened its door in Buda where single parents and their children are welcome with a number of services and a variety of events.