Single Parents' Center in Budapest

Single Parents’ Center opened in Budapest


An innovative and unique institute opened in Budapest in May 2018: the first Single Parents’ Centre.

This is unique not just in Hungary but also internationally offering a wide range of services and programs for single parents, their kids and others.


The center has been founded in the middle of Budapest, close to frequented metro, bus and tram stations.

After a long and thorough reconstruction it has been changed into a modern, friendly and open space according to the plans designed by a young and talented designer company.


The Single Parents’ Center functions as a community place where parents can get practical help and advice (legal, mental, financial, lifestyle), take part in consultations (legal, mental, mediation), join parental clubs and helping groups. Free co-working office and beneficial kids’ room are also available for our members. We organize different trainings and workshops to improve both the parents’ labour and parental skills. Our START incubation program helps some of them to start an enterprise under very beneficial conditions. To step out a little we organize recreational and cultural programs for the parents, while their children are safe at the kids’ room.


The center offers free and very beneficial services for single parents.


The Single Parents’ Center is supported by the Ministry of Human Resources and the local government of 8th District, Budapest. It is operated by the Single Parents' Foundation and functions as a model institute for other centers in the countryside.


The doors of the Single Parents’ Centre were opened in the spring of 2018. Many seasons have passed since and the number of families who were provided help by the Centre has grown significantly. We are proud to stand by these families and help them create a better present and future for their children.

(Fourteen seasons)


Details are available in the downloadable documents below:


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Fourteen seasons:
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